M Files

Say Goodbye to Folder-Based Document Management

M-Files replaces the old, inefficient folder structure with a metadata-based system that offers a smarter, more intuitive way to manage information.


M-Files is the perfect solution for businesses that demand the highest level of efficiency and security in their document management processes.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

With M-Files, you can finally reclaim more time in your day and work smarter. Our platform lets you easily find, share, and collaborate on the documents you use every day, making content management a breeze.

Share Safely

Automatic permissions and workflows ensure that the right person gets the right information at the right time, every time. Say goodbye to over-sharing and worrying about sensitive information falling into the wrong hands.

Collaborate Effectively

Get feedback and share updates instantly, both internally and externally. Our co-authoring features let you work together in real-time from anywhere, while our secure content hubs let you design the ultimate client experience.

Automate Tasks

No more chasing down the whole team for their input. With M-Files’ custom workflows, the platform does the chasing for you, meaning you can get everyone’s feedback faster and deliver on time.

Supercharge Your Business Operations with M-Files Integrations

By integrating with Microsoft 365, Salesforce, Adobe Sign, Google Workspace, Sharepoint, and others, M-Files streamlines your workflows and eliminates the frustration of duplicate documents. Plus, with transparent access to relevant data, you can empower your team to work more efficiently and deliver exceptional customer service.

“M-Files were able to adapt with us and roll out a fully functioning system under lockdown conditions to more than a thousand people.”

Ian Norman, National technology Director, Crowe UK

“We have more than 500 users across seven departments – and we’re growing. We have saved the equivalent of 900 trees and $1.5 million to date”

Mike Fuller, Developer/ Analyst, TK Elevator

“In the accounts payable department, we’ve reduced the turnaround time to get invoices approved from two or three days to less than one day.”

Jen Dingmann, IT Manager, Stearns Bank

Achieve High ROI and Increased Efficiency with M-Files

With M-Files, your team can focus on what matters most, driving business results and achieving your goals. Don’t let document management hold you back from reaching your full potential.