Wholesale Distribution Industry

The Wholesale Supply and Distribution industry provides goods to retailers, commercial and institutional users, and other wholesalers. A change in the economy and overall consumer confidence has greatly affected the wholesale industry. The business environment is changing and so must the Wholesale Supply and Distribution industry. The industry will need to transition from a traditional value chain to a strategic value chain by improving their technology foundation to generate in-depth supply chain information for the industry to grow and meet the demands of the economic climate.

Industry Challenges

  • Reduce inventory while maintaining customer service levels
  • Improve speed and accuracy of processing and dispatching customer orders
  • Coordinate order and distribution operations to minimize supply chain disruption
  • Integrate eCommerce systems with ERP systems to improve efficiency and order turnaround time
  • Improve electronic collaboration with distributors and customers
  • Enable on-line ordering and configuration
  • Reduce lead times
  • Plan and manage distribution and goods in transit
  • Improve forecast accuracy
  • Optimize delivery loads and minimize transport costs
  • Comply with safety regulations for transporting hazardous goods
  • Reconcile customer deliveries to contracts
  • Reduce the number of product returns

Driscoll & Associates, Inc. and SYSPRO Solution:

Inventory Control

SYSPRO’s Inventory Management module is the heart of the system bringing the sales, planning, valuation and control into this module. Complete inventory visibility is critical to meeting fulfillment commitments, enhancing customer satisfaction and achieving profitable operations. There are tools that will allow for analysis of inventory levels and turnover. The system is real time and will show the current items on hand, availability, usage, allocations and open replenishments. The system supports lot and serial tracking. Inventory cost can be at standard, average, last cost or FIFO / LIFO layers. The system is a true multi warehouse system with the ability to track transfers between warehouses.

Inventory Control Fact Sheet

Lot Traceability

SYSPRO’s Lot Traceability module is designed to provide full traceability at transactional level for items. This module offers serial and lot tracking focused at both the supply and sell-side of the enterprise Lot traceable items provide multi-level traceability in both directions, i.e., backwards to their source or forward from the source to the current location with all cost elements associated with the movement of these products dynamically recorded. The integration with SYSPRO's other modules permits full upward and downward traceability through all inventory transactions. The module traces product life cycle from raw materials to final products.

Lot Tracability Fact Sheet

Requirements Planning

SYSPRO’s Requirements Planning module is the focus of the manufacturing and material resource planning system. The objective of requirements planning is to create realistic purchasing and production schedules, optimize stock holdings and identify capacity constraints in a multi-site, multi-warehouse environment. The module assists with the planning of materials and production capacity required to meet demand and identifies levels of usage of critical resources for rough-cut capacity planning. It allows for the easy creation of build schedules from Master Production Schedule (MPS) suggestions and the shop floor, and it suggests purchasing, production and transfer schedules to satisfy demand.

Requirements Planning Fact Sheet


SYSPRO’s Forecast Module is a systematic method, which uses historic demand to predict future sales. It uses a set of well-tested and understood mathematical algorithms. The forecast can be manually edited, where required, taking cognizance of market intelligence and thereby improving accuracy and accommodating unusual demand. Thus organizations are able, through exception processes, to identify stocking items by location that require manual correction.

Inventory Optimization Forecasting Fact Sheet

Inventory Optimization Families and Groupings Fact Sheet

Purchase Order

SYSPRO’s Purchase Order module enables you to monitor the quality, accuracy, lead times and costs of purchases, while providing comprehensive supplier performance analysis.

Purchase Orders Fact Sheet

Customer Relationship Management

The SYSPRO Customer Relationship Management (CRM) suite of applications will enable Food and Beverage manufacturers to increase revenues and client satisfaction through optimal client management. The CRM solution is designed to offer all the key components of business management in one simple module combining customer contacts, marketing, sales, customer service, Help Desk, and after market service and repairs. CRM allows everyone to share the same information putting people in the center of the enterprise with a 360 degree view of the marketing, sales, order fulfillment and accounting transactions.

Syspro CRM Fact Sheet

Returns Management

SYSPRO’s Return Material Authorization (RMA) module provides an efficient method of controlling the return or exchange of items sold to customers, ensuring visibility and tracking of items until the transaction is concluded.

RMA Fact Sheet

Landed Cost Tracking

SYSPRO’s Landed Cost Tracking module is designed to assist you in the tracking of imported goods, to determine an ETA and to determine a reliable estimate of the overall cost of imported goods. It helps to select vendors based on shipping routes and their costs. And, it provides an actual cost comparison to the various estimates made during the procurement cycle and enables the archiving of completed shipments and associated costs.

Landed Cost Tracking Fact Sheet

SYSPRO Analytics

SYSPRO’s Business Analytics provides the tools to help you gain multidimensional insight into your organization enabling you to make accurate strategic management decisions. It allows quick and easy access to the information you need to make decisions that impact your customers, sales, profit, growth opportunities and business operations.

Syspro Analytics Fact Sheet

SYSPRO e.net solutions

SYSPRO’s e.net solutions delivers all of SYSPRO’s business functions and functionality as discrete objects of code (Business Object) which then allows users to access these Business Objects using any of Microsoft .NET development tools.

Syspro E.Net System Manager Fact Sheet

Document Flow Manager

SYSPRO’s Document Flow Manager allows business-to-business sharing of data between trading partners. For example, a sales order arriving via e-mail into your back office system may prompt a request to purchase goods from your supplier. Thus, you have a sales order document coming in and a purchase order document going out. The Document Flow Manager (DFM) enables SYSPRO customers to exchange documents, such as sales orders and purchase orders, more easily than ever before: it forms a key part of collaborative commerce. The Document Flow Manager enables you to automate the document flow because documents can be retrieved automatically and instantly as they arrive electronically at a company.

Document Flow Manager Fact Sheet


SYSPRO’s Quotations module enables the entry and maintenance of quotations, the printing of free-format quotations and, upon confirmation of the quote by the client, the confirmation of the details into Work in Progress, Sales Orders and Requisitions/Purchase Orders.

Quotations and Estimates Fact Sheet