Machinery / Equipment Industry

The Machinery and Equipment businesses are engaged in designing, manufacturing and supplying industrial and commercial machinery and equipment. Today, the Machinery and Equipment manufacturers face three competing challenges in bringing new products to market: decreased margins, increased speed-to-market and complex design processes involving global teams. Because the Machinery and Equipment industry depends greatly on trade, both as a source of their inputs and as a market for their goods, the market fluctuations abroad influence manufacturers to a greater extent than many other industries. The industry is under pressure to become automated in order to maintain profitability and keep up with the competition. As markets and supply chains grow increasingly global, flexible manufacturing and supply chain planning systems are necessary.

Industry Challenges

  • Competition for lower prices
  • Continuing to be innovative, especially in the special purpose machinery sector as quality is more important than price
  • Integrate eCommerce systems with ERP systems to improve efficiency and order turnaround time
  • Waste regulations
  • Becoming more technologically advanced in terms of management of production
  • Safety
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Trade dependent
  • Shrinking product lifecycles
  • Complex supply networks

Driscoll & Associates, Inc. and SYSPRO Solution:

Inventory Control

SYSPRO’s Inventory Management module is the heart of the system bringing the sales, planning, valuation and control into this module. Complete inventory visibility is critical to meeting fulfillment commitments, enhancing customer satisfaction and achieving profitable operations. There are tools that will allow for analysis of inventory levels and turnover speed. The system is real time and will show the current items on hand, availability, usage, allocations and open replenishments. The system supports lot traceability and serial tracking. Inventory cost can be at standard, average, last cost or FIFO / LIFO layers. The system is a true multi warehouse system with the ability to track transfers between warehouses.

  Inventory Control Fact Sheet   Lot traceability Fact Sheet

Advanced Planning and Scheduling

SYSPRO’s Advanced Planning and Scheduling provides a graphical view of the shop floor in real-time and measures productivity at the closest point to manufacture. It provides a simple and efficient means of coordinating the supply chain through better advanced planning, scheduling and visibility over production. A concise, tactical overview of production schedules and workloads by work center, day, and job enables managers to more easily identify potential problem areas and schedule jobs in accordance with available resources and promised delivery dates.

 Factory Scheduling Fact Sheet

Requirements Planning

SYSPRO’s Requirements Planning module is the focus of the manufacturing and material resource planning system. The objective of requirements planning is to create realistic purchasing and production schedules, optimize stock holdings and identify capacity constraints in a multi-site, multi-warehouse environment. The module assists with the planning of materials and production capacity required to meet demand and identifies levels of usage of critical resources for rough-cut capacity planning. It allows for the easy creation of build schedules from Master Production Schedule (MPS) suggestions and the shop floor, and it suggests purchasing, production and transfer schedules to satisfy demand.

 Requirements Planning Fact Sheet

Lot Traceability

SYSPRO’s Lot Traceability module is designed to provide full traceability at transactional level for items. Companies in the following industries use this module: electronics, aeronautics, defense, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, motor vehicles and building. This module offers serial and lot tracking focused at both the supply and sell-side of the enterprise Lot traceable items provide multi-level traceability in both directions, i.e., backwards to their source or forward from the source to the current location with all cost elements associated with the movement of these products dynamically recorded. The integration with SYSPRO's other modules permits full upward and downward traceability through all inventory transactions. The module traces product life cycle from raw materials to final products.

 Lot traceability Fact Sheet

Work in Progress

SYSPRO’s Work in Progress module enables you to accurately control costs of work orders currently in progress. Material usage and labor can be posted in real time and in batch mode. It also enables variance reporting to be produced between estimated costs and actual costs of each job. Work orders may be added for stocked items (with a bill of materials), stocked items without a bill of materials or non-stocked items. These work orders can create a bill of jobs for all relevant sub-assemblies down the BOM chain. Labor transactions can be posted through kit issues, manually or imported into the system from a data collection interface. Material allocations can be issued to a job through kit issues or manually and optionally allow for the substitution of a material allocation when performing kit issues.

 Work In Progress Fact Sheet    Bill of Materials Fact Sheet   Factory Documentation Fact Sheet

Work in Progress Inspection

Manufacturing Inspection allowing for inspection, rework, scrap or receiving in as an alternate lower grade product or into a "seconds" warehouse.

 Work In Progress Fact Sheet

SYSPRO solutions

SYSPRO’s solutions delivers all of SYSPRO’s business functions and functionality as discrete objects of code (Business Object) which then allows users to access these Business Objects using any of Microsoft .NET development tools.

 Syspro System Manager Fact Sheet    Document Flow Manager Fact Sheet

Bill of Materials

SYSPRO’s Bill of Materials defines the relationship between a manufactured item, its co- and by-product, its component material as well as the sequence of operations required to produce the item, facilitating an accurate expected cost against which to track the actual production costs.

 Bill of Materials Fact Sheet

Engineering Change Control

SYSPRO’s Engineering Change Control (ECC) enables you to improve and continue to maintain the management of engineering changes to your products. This is achieved through various features and processes - the essence of which is the Engineering Change Order process (ECO). The Engineering Change Order process is a workflow type subsystem, intended to replace the paper trail that typically accompanies any changes to product design data. When the product is under the control of ECC, any maintenance to a bill of material and/or routing of the product can be accomplished only by means of a current ECO.

 Engineering Change Control Fact Sheet

Fixed Assets

SYSPRO’s Fixed Assets maintains a detailed record of the company’s fixed assets by recording depreciation and current asset value, in addition to providing a facility to evaluate usefulness by tracking expenditures incurred or income derived from assets.

 Fixed Asset Fact Sheet

Customer Relationship Management

The SYSPRO Customer Relationship Management (CRM) suite of applications will enable Food and Beverage manufacturers to increase revenues and client satisfaction through optimal client management. The CRM solution is designed to offer all the key components of business management in one simple module combining customer contacts, marketing, sales, customer service, Help Desk, and after market service and repairs. CRM allows everyone to share the same information putting people in the center of the enterprise with a 360 degree view of the marketing, sales, order fulfillment and accounting transactions.

 Syspro CRM Fact Sheet