Additional Products


ABC Accurate Bar Coding – The economical bar coding solution that gives you precise control of your inventory. ABC Bar coding is a complete Barcode solution integrated to the Syspro ERP package. ABC Bar Coding can drastically help you to manage your inventory, jobs and other plant floor activities. It is a custom designed program built to run on a handheld scanner or PDA and work directly with Syspro data. This system provides real time Inventory and sales order control.  Lot Traceability and Serial Tracking are featured in all modules. Download the Fact Sheet



Paris Technologies delivers what companies need from OLAP & BI Technologies (On-Line Analytical Processing & Business Intelligence). PowerOLAP® is a Business Performance Management/Business Intelligence software solution that empowers business decision makers with the intelligence they need for planning, analytics, reporting, budgeting and forecasting activities, through a single platform. The web based or standalone solutions dynamically connect to back end databases, accessing data in real-time, through an Excel user interface. PowerOLAP® is a complete business intelligence solution; it’s fast, agile, and allows you to build powerful business models, from virtually any data source, in a matter of seconds.



Optimum Solutions offers advanced, in-house software solutions for both the Windows and iSeries (AS/400) platforms. This industry-leading HRIS system offers payroll processing and employee information management, as well as training and benefits administration - all at an affordable price. Powerful reporting tools found in Optimum Solutions' products help companies comply with Federal and State laws and plan strategically for their organizations. Optimum Solutions is a total solution for cost-effective HRIS management.