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SYSPRO release heralds quantum leap forward in ERP Software

SYSPRO, a leading, worldwide provider of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, has a new release of SYSPRO ERP software. SYSPRO 6.1 SP1 represents a quantum leap forward, "simplifying success" with new architecture and modules, feature sets, workflow and customization capabilities.This newest SYSPRO release fully leverages SYSPRO's knowledge of the ERP needs of the mid-market, having successfully served the segment for more than 30 years. SYSPRO 6.1 SP1 enables mid-market manufacturers and distributors to gain all the benefits of leading-edge ERP software even though they may possess limited resources and skills.

SYSPRO On the Go is a business application which provides instant and secure access to information about your customers, suppliers, inventory items, contacts and other key business information.


D&A Order Broadcasting Program

Colorful Order Proofs can be displayed, printed as well as emailed for quick review.The email can have one or many recipients. This is all a click away.

D&A Order Broadcasting


  • Multi Color Reporting
  • Color highlighted changes or warnings
  • Easy E-mail Broadcast unlimited number of people
  • HTML easily read by MSIE
  • Keeps everyone in the supply chain up to date
  • Eliminates need for multi part forms, postage and handing
  • E-mail attachments can be forwarded, saved and recalled

Custom Order Broadcasting Report


D&A Customized Quick Order Entry Screens

This program was developed for a client who has customers that order multiple items in the same family.  The client distinguishes the items by color.  Order entry is quick because the family only has to be entered once, and then each color in that family and the quantity.  To make changes to the order, the user can select a single color line, or the family line.  The client frequently makes price changes for a customer, so this program allows him to select the family line, enter a new price, and then all the colors in that family are updated with the new price.

Custom Quick Order Entry Screen


D&A Customized Live Order Entry Validation Processes

Verifying the initial Sales Order for Accuracy is the backbone to avoiding needless Customer Service headaches. We have an answer to this. Order Entry Validation Process will provide immediate verification during data entry. Orders may fall outside Company guidelines, which can trigger Messages that will appear during order entry to help prevent errors before the order is committed.

Custom Order Entry Validation Screen