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Quaker Maid Meats, Inc.

Quaker Maid Meats Meets Operational Challenges with SYSPRO Software

Company Challenges
In 2001, Quaker Maid Meats, Inc., a major East Coast manufacturer of beef sandwich steaks and pre-cooked meatballs, realized the need to update its inventory management software. The company’s previous software offered no options for inventory cost management, leaving officials to inefficiently mark and record all such purchases by hand, one piece at a time. Additionally, the outdated programs lacked integration, and they provided no reporting capabilities, leaving the management team with inaccurate information.


Software Solutions
After diligently researching Quaker’s options, Andy Sims, the company’s controller, narrowed down his choices and decided on an enterprise resource planning solution called SYSPRO. The affordable and easy-to-use system was purchased through Driscoll & Associates, Inc., a local distributor that offers system training and personalized assistance with software implementation.


Rapid Results
By switching to SYSPRO, Quaker now offers more prompt and thorough service to its customers. Because the software keeps track of inventory costs and batch processes, the company’s management team is now able to more closely monitor expenses. With the help of Driscoll & Associates, Quaker has learned how to pull specialized reports, which are available immediately, several times day, eliminating the need for manual input of inventory items. The system also accurately reflects the rapid turnover of products as they are sold. Nearly a decade after switching to SYSPRO, Quaker Maid Meats has expanded its business to include more than 100 employees in three different locations. However, the company continues to use SYSPRO, proving that Driscoll & Associates provides versatile software programs that are adaptable and which allow for future growth.


“Dave Driscoll did a thorough study of our existing systems,” says Quaker Maid Meats Controller Andy Sims, lauding his experience with Driscoll & Associates. “He interviewed all the current users and documented his findings in a 25-page report.  He followed up with a comprehensive discussion on how SYSPRO software would be a perfect fit for the current processes in place at Quaker Maid.” Sims also praises Driscoll & Associates’ customer service, citing its help with formulation of specialized reports for Quaker. “Of course, the special reports designed by Driscoll have added numerous efficiencies to our operations,” he says. “Though we have had very few problems with the SYSPRO software, any time we’ve called Driscoll, the response has been immediate and thorough.”


Download the Quakermaid Meat Case Study in PDF format