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Honest tea

Moving at the Speed of Expansion

Company Challenges

In 2007, Honest Tea, a manufacturer of ready-to-drink organic teas, thirst quenchers and drink pouches, experienced some growing pains. As the company expanded, it became apparent that Honest Tea had outgrown the small-business software used to keep track of its raw materials and production forecasts. In addition to finding more appropriate inventory solution software, Honest Tea also found itself in need of software implementation expertise that would allow for maximum efficiency and continued business growth.

Software Solutions

After much research, Honest Tea chose SYSPRO Enterprise Resource Planning software, a scalable, affordable and reputable solution, to manage its inventory and generate predictions for the ordering of raw materials. After purchasing the system through Driscoll and Associates, Inc., Honest Tea was also able to enjoy personalized, local implementation and assistance.

Rapid Results

With the help of Driscoll and Associates and astute management, Honest Tea has been able to cut inventory levels by 50 percent since the implementation of its SYSPRO software. Driscoll and Associates was able to provide reporting solutions and one-on-one, step-by-step assistance, allowing SYSPRO to be molded to Honest Tea’s specifications. As a result, Honest Tea has up-to-date information about raw materials and is better able to predict its future needs – something which has improved management insight and allowed for more accurate reporting. Armed with a software system that is equipped to handle growth, Honest Tea plans to further expand its relationship with the Coca-Cola Company – which acquired a 40 percent interest in Honest Tea in 2008 – and forecasts itself as a $250 million business.


“When we told Driscoll what we needed in the way of reports, they’d come back and say, ‘This is how we can utilize SYSPRO to meet your reporting needs,’” says Honest Tea CFO Jonathan Clark. “David Driscoll was both the co-owner and part of the engagement team that sold us on SYSPRO,” Clark adds. “David provided hands-on, personalized service. We worked directly with each other, and this was a big plus. I had a big software company, SYSPRO, with a big track record, but I also had Driscoll -- a small shop that would give me personalized service and which always exuded a ‘can do’ attitude.”


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