Company history

Driscoll & Associates was officially founded in 1994 when David Driscoll embarked on a project to assist in the reorganization of a colleague’s holding company. Since then, his team has charted the course for many businesses, which has resulted in more efficient and profitable operations. Dave demonstrates a unique combination of strengths. He has worked in various IT capacities for the Philadelphia Gear Corporation and then moved into manufacturing management. In addition to his expertise in IT and materials management, David holds certification in The American Production Inventory Control Society. Over 30 years of experience has enabled David to transform previously weak businesses into profitable entities.

The company was started as a result of Dave Driscoll agreeing to help a friend who was having problems getting the information he needed to run a five unit holding company. This first consulting project resulted in the re-implementation of an ERPII system in all five of the units with Dave as a member of the team.

As the number of clients and projects grew additional people have joined the firm and have been with us for ten plus years.