Business Coaching

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Every business needs a strong foundation to support the entrepreneurial quest. Most of the time entrepreneurs and leadership teams are focused in nurturing their ideas to fruition leaving the business fundamentals to intuition and gut feel. Scaling the ideas into a thriving business requires a strong and agile foundation. Our business coach embeds these imperatives by providing the proven frameworks for every facets of the business which is simpler to understand and act.

The functional guard rails and rock-solid foundation provided through our business coaching ensures the quality of intended outcomes and the needed agility are firmly embedded and practiced.

We provide the following coaching services in one-on-one, small group and workshop settings based on the proven and highly acclaimed Business Made Simple curriculum.

  • a. Hero on a Mission Workshop: How to be super productive and plan life that leaves a legacy?
  • b. Mission Statement Made Simple: How to craft the mission statement that motivates?
  • c. Messaging Made Simple: How to develop your brand script that aligns to customers’ wants?
  • d. Marketing Made Simple: How to build marketing collaterals that engages?
  • e. Negotiation Made Simple: How to reach a successful negotiation strategy?